The EquipmentCloud® is your smart solution for the management and monitoring of your equipment from thetime of commissioning through to production at the end customer’s premises. Relevant data such as equipment status, alarms and throughput can thus be collected at one location and analyzed with the aid of numerous evaluation functions. The integrated apps help you to ensure a faster roll-out and provide a reliable overview of the progress in commissioning for all your equipment worldwide. In addition, the EquipmentCloud® is also the solution for a better equipment support by the vendor and further services, e.g. new business models for optimized maintenance offers.

Apps of the EquipmentCloud

The Monitoring App provides an overview of all important equipment data. Analyze KPIs, RAM values ​​and alarms over selectable period of time and thus improve the efficiency over the long term.
The RampUp App supports you sustainably in the commissioning and acceptance phase, or even during service of your system. With the RampUp App, you significantly reduce administrative and documentation efforts and you have all the checklists, commissioning as well as work instructions and documents available in one central source. The eDocs App makes the management of all system-related documents easier. Simply map the required documents to the equipment, type, or hierarchy and manage them throughout the entire lifecycle of the equipment in the EquipmentCloud®.
With the OpenIssues App you can manage open issues and problems encountered during commissioning and keep track of their status. You assign responsibilities, dates and determine the priority.

You can find further information about the feature apps in our EquipmentCloud® portal ...


  • Digitalize all equipment information
  • Accelerate your equipment setup & ramp up
  • Optimize the handling of open issues & documents
  • Optimize machines & make them comparable
  • Improve your equipment maintenance & customer support
  • Flexible access from everywhere
  • Single source of truth for equipment related data
  • Ensured data security

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